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In-House Legal Counsel

All your “commercial” decisions have legal implications.  But how often do you consult a lawyer about them?  If the answer is “rarely” or “only if there is a problem”, due to the cost, aggravation and delay of having to retain or instruct external lawyers, Prima Facie is here to help.

Our In-House Legal Counsel service provides your business with lawyers who get to know your business and work with your decision-making team to manage your legal and commercial risk, all in a flexible and cost-efficient way.

By working with you at your offices, or remotely from our satellite offices, we integrate into your commercial team.  We aren’t “lawyers on a string”: instead of having to instruct us each time, we’re one step ahead, getting to work immediately and advising wherever our input is needed.  We are there when your business needs us, without having to consider the cost.

We have particular expertise in our Key Sectors, and we can advise on any aspect of your business: see our Commercial Legal Services.

We have seen businesses spend millions of pounds and hundreds of management hours on litigation that, with some careful tailored advice at the right time, they would have avoided. The best way for you to avoid disputes is to have on-going legal advice from experienced professionals who are familiar with your business. 

Advantages of having In-House General Counsel:

  • Immediate pro-active legal advice, rather than having to find and instruct an external solicitor
  • Commercial legal expertise within your organisation, at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer with equivalent expertise and qualifications
  • Advice on internal policies and procedures to aid your employees in recognising and mitigating commercial risks
  • Training to ensure your team is up-to-date on new developments

For SMEs that want to avoid the expense and commitment of a full-time general counsel, we offer that service via our unique tariff system for an agreed number of hours each month, giving you what you need in a convenient, contracted-out package.

Advantages of Prima Facie’s tariff system:

  • Tariff agreed in advance
  • Certainty on cost without compromising on quality of advice
  • Flexible to suit your changing business needs
  • Monthly reporting on the service provided

To learn more about our In-House Legal Counsel service contact us.


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