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Construction Project Turnaround

We are developing a revolutionary new multi-disciplinary service for the construction industry for employers and finance providers: a project “pre-troubleshooting” service.

This service is specifically designed to:

  • Analyse existing site data to monitor all your projects
  • Flag up potential problems before they occur
  • Review the highlighted projects and provide objective advice on how to keep your project on track, on time and in budget

Working with a quantity surveyor and project manager, we use innovative data analysis technologies to monitor your portfolio of projects.  Combining this analysis with our years of experience and an objective external viewpoint, we are able to highlight the projects which may be heading into problems, even before those involved are aware of it.  We will provide you with access to reports which give you a virtually real-time view of your projects’ status and financial health.

With our partners, we can then conduct a more in depth analysis of the earmarked projects and offer best advice on how to proceed from both a legal and technical point of view such that the work can be undertaken in the best way to achieve the specification within the rules set down by the contract.

If you are interested in hearing more about this service, please contact us.

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