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Key Sectors

  • Construction:
    • We have more than two decades of expertise in this area.  What makes Prima Facie different is our concentration on pro-active advice and project monitoring for employers and financial institutions. 
    • We understand you may already be monitoring time and costs but those are resultant indicators, telling you that something has already gone wrong rather than giving you forewarning that there are clouds on the horizon.
    • Prima Facie aims to give you this forewarning by monitoring and analysing information flows on your project. We offer the conjunction of search algorithms with the best legal analysis.
  • Education:
    • We provide assistance in two distinct areas:
      •  For the estates departments, we provide a project monitoring service for your building projects that is tailored to your individual needs.  The whole basis of our service is that its price is known in advance so that you can be sure of your budget.  We understand that build-funding, often provided by alumni donations, is quite finite. We aim to ensure there is no overspend.
      • We provide a cost-effective contracted-out in-house counsel service, covering many of your key commercial areas (commercial & construction contracts, regulatory reform, tortious liability).
  • Insolvency:
    • Quickly and cost-effectively discovering the facts when you are parachuted into a failed company is of prime importance.  This is where we can add value.  Our tariff structure allows you to be certain of the costs and our cutting-edge search capability means we can find the facts quickly.
  • Insurance:
    • Whether you are involved in construction projects using innovative Integrated Project Insurance or an insurer looking to minimise its claims exposure, you will need to keep on top of how the projects you are insuring are progressing. Pro-active project monitoring means less claims.
  • Direct-access counsel:
    • Unless the suit is progressing in a standard court scenario where you will need a solicitor on the record, the combination of Prima Facie’s extensive investigative, organisational and dispute resolution experience together with your specialist knowledge is a cost-effective solution. Clients are constantly requiring more for less and this pairing is a real game-changer.
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